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Fire Protection

Fire Standpipe, Hydrant, Sprinkler System

Fire Hydrant Valve & Accessories

Buildings include a fire protection system that provides help to fire authorities incase of a fire. Fire protection installation consists of a system of pipework attached directly to the water supply to provide water to every hydrant outlet and intended to provide water for a firefighter to fight a fire. 

Fire Alarm & Detection System

A fire alarm system warns people when smoke, fire, carbon mono-oxide, or other fire related or general notification emergencies are detected. These alarms maybe activated automatically from smoke detectors, heat detectors, and multi detectors or may also be activated via manual fire activation devices such as manual call points or pull stations. Alarms can either be motorized bells or wall mountable sounders or horns. They can also be speaker strobes which sound an alarm , followed by a voice evacution message which warns people inside the building not to use elevators. Fire alarm sounders can be set to certain frequencies and different tones including low, medium and high, depending on the country and the manufacturer of the device. Fire alarm warning devices can also be set to different volume levels.

Sheild Fire Alarm System

Hochiki Fire Alarm System

Cooper Fire Alarm System

Asenware Fire Alarm System Conventional & Addressable

Cable: Fire Alarm System

These cables are known as circuit integrity cables or Fire rated cables, are specially designed for critical life safety system that allows the circuit to remain intergreted for few hours to ensure operation of emergency systems, in the event of fire. These cables are most suitable for places where concentration of people is high and need quick safe evaluation in case of fire. 
The resistance to fire performance of cables is indicated in terms of survival time: the times are 15,30,60,90,120 and 180 minutes of operation in standardized fire condition. 

Fire Door & Accessories

A fire rated door with fire resistance rating used as part of fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire or smoke between compartments and to enable safe engress from a building or structure or factory. Fire rated doors and frames play a vital role in keeping people & assets safe and minimizing property damage during fire. Fire rated doors are designed to protect property and life in the event of fire, the smoke serves as fire and smoke barrier. 

Lighting Protection System Conventional & Digital

All materials should be copper or Aluminum components shall be used in locations where system components are mounted to aluminum surfaces to avoid galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals. Class I & Class II materials shall be used on structures based on their height. 

Extending into the spectrum of lighting arresters, we bring forth an impeccable quality of E.S.E lightining arrester for protecting structures such as high rise buildings from damage by intercepting flashes of lightning. 

AMC/Trouble Shooting/Programming & Commissioning